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You have picked the right club!  "Where you want to be, where you want to ski" is our motto and we believe in Ski for Life.

To get you introduced to our club, please start reading here and we will guide you through learning about the club.  Whether you are a seasoned skier or a brand new ski parent, the time you take now is worth it.  This intro should only take 15 minutes now to *save you much time* in the future!!!

There is nothing better than the fresh air and friendship that comes with being a part of Chelsea Nordiq.  Except perhaps the awesome skiing, adventuring, racing, touring, biathlon shooting, exploring, or training we do year round.  We love to ski and be around all things skiing.  And we love to hang out with others with the same inclination.

Our strategic plan is something we worked on in 2016-2017.  We update it yearly and check with our membership that it remains relevant.  You can go to our main website for a copy.  Click here www.chelseanordiq.ca/about-us/strategic-vision-and-planning/ .  And read more at About Us to learn about Club History, Annual Reports, Governance, and Membership & Fees.  Surf to About Us to learn what's behind our spirit!

Our Programs

We have the most variety of programming of any club in the region!

Our club is volunteer run, community minded, and all about instilling a passion for skiing for life.  Whether you are an experienced racer, a dedicated ski tourer or new to the sport, we have programs to suit all ages and all abilities in both cross-country skiing and biathlon.  As you or a family member starts to think about a new program, know that there is plenty of choice.

Our main website is the best place to get details on any of them when you or a family member is looking for a change in program.  Go to www.chelseanordiq.ca/programs/ for full program descriptions.


At the heart of making Chelsea Nordiq what it is...

We are the club that is the best supported, best represented and has the most amount of fun together.   We work the hardest and laugh the most.  When people come to our events and watch our team/programs and see how we operate, they are envious and want to duplicate what we are doing.  Our wax trailer is a good example of this, it is by far the best in the country and we get a lot of attention because of it.  Making sure that we have glitter for our cheeks is as important as having the right wax.  

And to make all of this possible is you.  Not just your fees, but you.  We don't just need you, we want you!  There are many, many things to do.  Some require a specific skill but most just require you (with or without glitter on your cheeks!).  In so many cases, you will learn new things, be supported by those who have done it before, and meet so many people who share your same love for the outdoors and being energized.  Ski expertise is the least of it all!

As a member, you have committed to volunteering.  So buckle up and follow this link to our pages dedicated to making it something you truly want to do!

Our Facilities and Training Locations

We ski and train at various locations.

Depending on your program, you will find yourself exploring many corners of Chelsea and Gatineau Park.  For Bunny and Jackrabbits, you will always be at the same location (Meredith Centre, Chelsea).  For all other programs, locations will vary depending on technique being practised, weather and snow conditions.  Please visit our Club Locations page for maps and descriptions of the various locations (including where to park!).  For programs other than Bunny and Jackrabbits, practices (date, time, technique, location) are posted on our training pages

Club Events

Our events bring us together as participants, volunteers, and fans of skiing.

We run a variety of events across all our programs. In addition to program specific special events, we have the following club-wide activities. You can go to this link to learn about each in detail.  You can go to our club's iVolunteer website  to sign up to help for the events below and you will receive emails closer to the events asking for your participation.
  1. Chelsea Nordiq (CN) Ski Swap - November - Our club's biggest fundraiser!  
  2. Canadian Eastern Championships - February - a race that attracts skiers from across North America, hosted by Chelsea Nordiq, Nakkertok and other local clubs who all share in the organizing, volunteering, and profits
  3. CN Biathlon Race - February - part of the Quebec Cup circuit for Biathlon and a fundraiser for Chelsea Nordiq
  4. CN Cookie Beiner - March - a family outing for the whole region where skiers go from hut to hut and eat cookies.  Chelsea members both volunteer and participate in this fun fundraiser
  5. CN Super Sprints - February - sprint races for everyone.  Fun, fast, exciting.  And an important fundraiser.

A Summary of our Vibrant Club

Lots of activities across all our programs, year-round

Sometimes it's interesting to roll up all the programs, events, activities, committees and fundraising into one summary.  To get a big picture view of a full year of club activities, go to this page.

How Do I.....

There are so many questions whether you are new to the club or not.

The best place to start looking for answers is on this same training site. It's our 'internal' site that has all the details of the day-to-day of the club. We are also making efforts to create descriptions of our events so you can easily choose where you would like to volunteer. If you search the LH navigation menu, you might find your topic. If not, let us know by contacting our head coach and executive director at headcoach [at] chelseanordiq.ca

Reading Checklist

This section is a checklist for you to make sure you cover the important online information available for many topics.  The NAV at the lefthand side of this page is where you can scan through the following if you haven't already.
  • Training schedules
  • Club locations
  • Volunteering requirements
  • Major Events
  • Board of Directors
  • Surveys and Annual Reports
  • How-to guides
  • "A year in the life of Chelsea Nordiq" is a quick way to scan everything that happens in a typical year

Anything else we should be telling you about?