If we've set this up right, your volunteer time at Chelsea Nordiq should be fun, familiar, and a great opportunity to learn something new!

Annual Volunteer Commitment

Sounds scary but it's not.  We require each family to pitch in time to help with important club needs.  No skiing experience necessary!

This is where we will eventually outline required/recommended hours.

How do we track hours?  We use ivolunteer  for most events.  But the best tracker is you!  You will know if you have pitched in enough and when you still have room to do more.  Each and every hour is so appreciated by each and every one of us.  Everyone wins when we all show up!

To read more about our club volunteering, please download the full description of each program's commitments.  [Download Volunteer Commitments in progress]

What to do and Where to sign up?

Volunteering is both club-wide at our fundraising and club events and it's ad hoc during your program's year.

We have tried to capture all areas that typically need your help. The list is below with something for those who like club-wide events, those wanting to be outside doing stuff, those who like strategic direction, or those who want to work in the background on their own schedule. But sometimes your program will need specific help as well. Please get out and meet all the other great volunteers. Everyone has a different side to them that you will discover when you work alongside one another!

Events - We have 5 big club-wide events that run every year. They are described here and this is where we have how-to guides on what volunteering for these events entails. To sign-up to help, go to our club's iVolunteer website. For Easterns, you will receive emails with directions on how to sign up. Usually it's at Easterns iVolunteer site.

Committees - Please speak with our Executive Director/Head Coach Moe Samm or email headcoach [at] chelseanordiq.ca . We usually have the following running in the background:

  • Trails and Facilities 
  • Grants and Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Volunteering

Individual roles - There are a number of tasks that are a constant at the club. Please speak with our Executive Director/Head Coach Moe Samm or email headcoach [at] chelseanordiq.ca if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Registrar
  • Webmaster
  • iVolunteer editor
  • General Communications roles (choose from doing posters, writing Low Down articles, writing the monthly newsletter)
  • French/English translation
  • Liaison with other clubs and organizations such as NCC and municipality
  • add more here....

Coaching - There is always need for parent volunteer coaches in our Jackrabbit, Adventure, and Racing programs.  There is also Coaching certification courses offered regularly.

What does the big picture look like?

Sometimes it helps to get a bigger view of all the things that are happening in our club.  We have captured a typical 'year in the life of Chelsea Nordiq' [click here]

New ideas or better ways of doing things

Please let us know how things can be improved when it comes to volunteering.  We want to hear from you.  Best way to do it is via email to our Executive Director/Head Coach at headcoach   [at]   chelseanordiq.ca