Canadian Eastern Championships

Eastern's is one of the largest competitions in Canada, supporting over 600 racers in just three days. We are very lucky that it is held in our Region each year as it is a great competition for our athletes to challenge themselves and push the bar higher. Many ski clubs from Western Canada attend the race as well due to its great reputation for a seamless weekend.

Over the last three years, Eastern's has been organized through a partnership of the ski clubs within the Outaouais region. This collaboration has been vital to the success of the race because it distributes the tasks and roles evenly amongst the clubs. This is a great opportunity for everyone to become acquainted with how a race weekend works as well as encouraging the clubs to mix and get to know one another. Eastern's becomes more than just a race weekend, its a social event for everyone to catch up with each other while supporting their athletes.

The organizing committee works tirelessly for many months before the actual event takes place, it is our duty to fill the empty volunteer positions to alleviate some of the organizing stress from the committee. The race earns profit from to year to year and as a token of appreciation the profits are redistributed amongst the clubs based on volunteer participation. In the past Chelsea Nordiq has received $3000-$4000 from our volunteer hours accumulated during the weekend AND during organizing months.

The race is geared towards Midget skiers and older, therefore if you have an athlete racing, it is expected that you volunteer with the race organization or with the Chelsea Nordiq wax team for this event.

Become apart of this amazing event, it is truly something that we can be proud of, please sign up to support our athletes, our club, and our region.

HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN SIGN UP:   Easterns iVolunteer Link