Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Chelsea Nordiq Volunteer Portal, we greatly appreciate the time you are taking. The intention of the portal is to create a space for future parents and volunteers to contribute their experience and knowledge across all areas of the club, but it starts with you. Share your experience as a coach, volunteer, parent, athlete, just begin typing in any field that suits your interest and your experience.

Google Sites is an easy platform to create and edit content within a page. 

To begin editing please read the instructions below.

For anyone to edit they need to send Pablo Sanchez ( their Gmail account *

Within your email to request editing permission please include:

-Your name

-Your role in the club (i.e. parent volunteer, coach, athlete)

-The content (page name / sub category) you intend to edit

Once Pablo sends you a confirmation email, you are ready to begin!

* Gmail accounts are free. The name is a bit misleading because you don't always use one for email. If someone, for example, is using a Yahoo account, they can continue to use it. They simply do not need to publish this Gmail account.

First thing to do is to login to the Google Site:

On the primary volunteer portal page