From year to year, we might have different committees running.  These are the ones we have currently:
  • Program Committee:  co-ordinates leaders of each program;  meets quarterly and is attended by all our program coordinators, coaching staff and executive director.   Heavy emphasis on coach development (what courses available, depth of coach certification).  Cross-pollination of programs and programming.  Key focus for coming months is to get Adventure and JR better served 
  • Trails & Facility Committee [year-round]  develops infrastructure and trails around Camp Fortune and Meredith Centre; look after race trails, range, Rider’s Roost (our Camp Fortune location) as well as Meredith Centre trails
  • Sponsorship and Grants Writing Committee [year-round]:  Ensure specific funds are secured on a yearly basis.  For grants, there is a shortlist of which grants we need to apply to.  This committee works from that list and focuses on writing and submitting grants. For sponsorships at the club level, the committee ensures the sponsorship package remains current.  For sponsorship for events, this is the responsibility of each event and not part of the comittee's mandate.  However, event leaders can and should solicit the help of this committee as part of their event planning.  Any contracts that come of sponsorship must be reviewed by finance committee.
  • Finance [year-round]: focuses on the business of the club.  Finance details, budget review preparation, contracts (NCC, coachs', CF, MC)
  • Note on Volunteerism:  there is no formal committe yet as we explore how best to manage our volunteer policy and make sure we do best by our volunteers both in terms of organizing and recognizing contributions.
Please get in touch with our executive director to join a committee or to find our more.  Email:   headcoach [at]

In future we will create sub-pages here to outline what each committee is doing so you can hop in and join at any point.