We ski and train at various locations.  Here is a description of them: 

 Location     Description and Parking Season Who goes here?
 Relais de Plein Air (RPA) (397 De La Cite-Des-Jeunes Blvd, Gatineau, QC J8Z 3P9)

Relais de Plein Air - 397 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes

 NCC / City of Gatineau Chalet at the edge of Gatineau Park, 3 minutes from Chelsea.  Plenty of parking, gateway to fantastic xc ski and snowshoe trails. Winter Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit programs operate from here, and all other programs use this location as part of their rotation of sites.
 Rider's Roost and Chalet des Erables at Camp Fortune

Rider's Roost

Rider's is our official clubhouse and Chalet des Erables our space to use during the snow months.  They are located adjacent to one another.  Both have electricity and are heated.  Park at western most parking lot of Camp Fortune main lodge and walk/ski 500m to chalets.  Limited spaces reserved for Chelsea Nordiq; no group parking on Sat/Sun during ski season.
 Year-round Everyone is welcome!  Rider's Roost is equipped with a wood stove and is a great place to congregate while young athletes are training.  Some practices are held inside when team meetings or dry-land training are on the schedule.
Chalet des Erables is a much larger space and typically only opened up on weekends for biathlon training and when we host larger groups.
 Chelsea Nordiq (Gaetan Brosseau) Biathlon Range at Camp Fortune  (see Rider's Roost map)

 Part of our Camp Fortune locaiton that also includes Rider's Roost, Chalet des Erables and the race trails.  Park as per Rider's Roost. Year-round Biathlon athletes use this shooting range all year.  It is part of the race trails network.  Other programs will have the opportunity to try biathlon and shooting at the range during a (well supervised) biathlon open house day.
 Race Trails at Rider's Roost (see Rider's Roost map) 10km of groomed trails (skate and classic) for expert skiers.  These are located in Gatineau Park and groomed on a regular basis.  Park as per Rider's Roost. Winter These trails are used by the racing teams for training.  We also host our annual Quebec Cup Biathlon race on these trails as they form part of the Biathlon site
 Gatineau Park parking lots Any of the NCC Gatineau Park parking lots can be the selected location for an adventure or racing program practice.  The Gatinea park website has full directions. Year-round After graduating from Bunny or Jackrabbit programs, our young skiers will start to explore all corners of the park.  Depending on weather and trail conditions, we can pick the most suitable location.  There is never a bad outing because of this flexibility!  Parents and athletes check our training pages for the latest information on practice location.
  Meredith Centre (23 Ch.Cecil, Chelsea QC  J9B 0A5)

Meredith Centre

Ungroomed area for beginners.  Parking is at the southern parking lot, connected by a 100m  ski trail to the main facility. WinterBunny Rabbits and Jackrabbits