Date Agenda Topics to Cover
April Budget update (informal closing of books)
Review Program fees 
Budget planning begins for the following season
        Coach reviews (objectives reviewed, lessons learned, improvement areas, new objectives)
Sign Staff contracts
Program coordinator meeting - Year end review update from Moe (lessons learned, recommendations)
Review Year-end summary reports from Committee heads (lessons learned, recommendations)
Review coordinator roles:
Registrar, Marketing (posters), Webmaster, Volunteering (iVolunteer), Uniforms
Ski Swap, Chelsea Sprints, Biathlon Race
Review Coordinators for Coming Year, who do we need to find. 
AGM Planning
End of year Party
Early bird registration set up and opened
Year-end report reviewed

May Chelsea Nordiq AGM
Board meeting - Welcome New board members set out strategic points of the coming season
        Board members - special roles (grooming leader, screening volunteers lead)
Review Strategic Plan and discuss possible major initiatives for the year
Review/create committee terms of reference
Committees: Grants&sponsorship; Facility and trails; Program; 
Pay attention to sponsorship and grant plans + marketing material for August launch
Update on key coordinator roles
Review previous years program budget make changes?
Chelsea Nordiq Business Plan for the coming season

June Committee reports (goals for season, updates)
Finalize major initiatives and focus
        Apply for FARR grants (June-July window)
July Committees Report on progress
Finalize budget (or do we do this in June?)
August Committees report on progress
Prepare for start of fall season:  coordinators in place, registration open day, sets date for Oct open house at the Roost (season opener)
Marketing club activities:   Club posters and brochures created and distributed
Fall fairs and regional marketing events (Chelsea recreation fair, Low Down article, …)
Program coordinators “meeting ready for the coming season”
Projects for the coming fall months 

Fall season
September Ski Swap update
committee updates
         Apply for FARR grants (September window)
        screening of volunteers starts up
October Trip Planning and event planning for winter
Ski Swap update
Interim budget review
committee updates
Nov committee updates
Ski Swap update
        Submit membership numbers to SFQ for racing licenses and recreational skiers (do not submit parents!)
December Board meeting (special budget review)
committee updates
Focus on program (Snow season) updates
        Assess whether summer students will be hired and apply for Summer Student wage subsidy (fed gov program)
Snow season
Jan Board Meeting?
February Confirm returning coaches / Recruit new coaches

March Date for end of year party / Coordinator
Volunter recognition - awards, engraving
Renegotiate coach contracts
Board review who is returning who do we need to replace