Date Monthly Item Program
May  Chelsea Nordiq AGM board
May    Early Bird & Summer Registration Open for a short window board
May  Board meeting - Welcome New board members set out strategic points of the coming season board
May Review/create committee terms of reference board
May  Review previous years program budget make changes? board
May/June Biathlon Ontario AGM biathlon
May  Review/Create marketing material for coming seasons. marketing committee
May Review/Create sponsorship and grant plans sponsorship committee
May Chelsea Nordiq Business Plan for the coming season board/excutive
May  Communication with NCC about coming season trail upgrades etc Executive Director
May  Communicate With Meredith Foundation about lease for Jack Rabbits and other projects Executive Director
May Plan NCCP and unofficial coaching work shops Head Coach
May  Communicate with municipality about lease for Jack Rabbits and other projects Executive Director
June Board Meeting board
June Committees begin work in their focus area committees
June Program coordinator meeting - budgets and coaching staff, program capacity all programs
June  Nordiq Race Owl Camp nordic race
July  Junior Jericho Camp nordic race
July  Board Meeting board
July Committees Report on progress committees
August  board meeting - Ready for the coming season board
August Committees report on progress committees
August  Biathlon Jericho Camp biathlon
August  SFQ Juvenile Camp nordic race
August  Chelsea Nordiq Midget Juvenile Rollerski/Multi Sport Camp ski  Midgets/Juveniles
end of August Program coordinators “meeting ready for the coming season” all programs
August Projects for the coming Fall season board
September  Board meeting board
September  Roller ski race nordic race
September  Fall Programs registrations and start  all fall programs
September  Adirondacks competitive programs
end of September Pizza Run - parent meetings for all younger programs nordic race, midgets, peewees, atoms
October Board meeting - Trip Planning and event planning for winter; Special budget review board
October Jericho Camp - nordic Race nordic race
October NCCP ICC/CC all programs
October October Open House at the Roost all programs
October NCCP L2T coaching work shop all programs
October Fall orienteering all programs
October Course ski à roulettes CCC point race nordic race
Nov Board meeting board
NovFQB AGMbiathlon 
Nov  NCCP intro to community coaching and community coaching all programs
Nov   NCC Gatineau Park Ski pass - group code issued   all programs
Nov Ski Swap all programs
Nov Biathlon Noram #1 early snow camp biathlon
Nov  Early Season Snow Camp nordic race biathlon
Nov Early Snow Nakkertok nordic race and biathlon
December Board meeting (special budget review) board
*December  Morin heights invitational  nordic race
*December  Quebec cup #1 Biathlon biathlon
December  Candy cane cup Nakkertok nordic race
Snow season    
Jan Jack Rabbits Starts Jack Rabbit
Jan  NorAm, Cdn WJr/U23 Trials  Nordic Race
Jan  Coupe QC #1  Nordic Race
Jan  Eastern Cup #2 Nordic Race
Jan  Kanata Sprints Atoms, Peewees, midgets
Jan  World Junior Trials Biathlon Baithlon
Jan  Coupe QC #2 Nordic Race
Jan  Coupe Skinouk Nordic Race
Jan  Biathlon Q-Cup 1 + 2 Biathon
Jan. US Super Tour Nordic Race
Jan Silver spoon Atoms, Peewees, midgets
February NorAm Easterns
Coupe QC #3
O Cup
Nordic Race/midgets
February Biathlon Q-cup #3 Biathlon
February Canadian Ski Marathon Adventure, All
February Gatineau Loppet All
February Coupe QC #4 Nordic Race
February Chelsea Biathlon Race Biathlon
February Nakkertok Juniors ("Cookie Race") Atoms, Peewees, midgets
February Championnat NORAM Midget Peewees/Midgets
February Chelsea Super sprints All
February Jeux de Quebec midgets/juvenile biathlon and XC
February Board meeting (special budget snapshot review) Board - this will be short but necessary to do a budget snapshot
Nationals/Season Wrap up    
March Jack Rabbit Jamboree Jack Rabbits
March  Cookie Biener all programs
March  Theas race Atoms, Peewees, midgets
March  Biathlon Nationals  Biathlon
March  Cdn National Championships Nordic Race
March Coupe QC - Finale Nordic Race
End of Season Planning    
April Board Meeting (budget update (for the year) board
April  Volunteer recognition/Awards engraving board
April  End of year debriefs athletes Nordic race/Biathlon
April End Of year debriefs programs/coaches All
April Year-end report All
April End of year Party All
April  Renew Staff contracts board
April  Program coordinator meeting - Year end review All
April  Review Coordinators for Coming Year, who do we need to find.  All
April  expenses wrapped up and accounting finished All
April Budget planning begins for the following season board
April  AGM Planning board
April Board review who is returning who do we need to replace board
April  Review key volunteer roles, who do we need to find. Uniforms, ski swap, trip coordinators,  All
April Adventure and midget exchanges being organized for following years Junior Adventure/Midgets
April Review Program fees  board
April Earily bird registration set up and opened board