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Pratique du 27 Octobre-Orienteering-October 27 practice

posted Oct 25, 2012, 7:04 PM by Francois Leclerc

Here's the schedule for the orienteering event:

Saturday October 27

8h45-9h00 Park at Camp Fortune. Warm-up run to the Chalet des érables parking lot. Please do not drive to the Chalet even if you are late.

9h00-9h30 Registration & Instructions

9h35 Start of the orienteering

11h00 Back from the race and sign-out

11h00-12h00ish Sweet snacks & juice will be served to everyone


The race is going to be a "score-O" orienteering event. Each runner will get a detailed orienteering map of the area ranging from Camp Fortune up to Keogan which will show the locations of fifteen orange-and-white flags hanging in the woods (called 'controls'). The kids will have 1.5 hours to find as many of the controls as they can, with a strict penalty for going over the allotted time.

Athletes will run in groups (max 5 people). Each group from the Adventure Rabbits, Racing Rabbits programs must be supported by a parent. Coaches of each program: It is your responsibility to ensure each group has a parent assigned. Every runner should have:

  1. A whistle, in case

you get lost or hurt (optional).

  2. A watch, to make sure they're back on time.

Compasses aren't necessary, but if someone already knows how to use it or is interested in messing around with it then they should feel free to use one. We won't have time to give any specific instructions on compasses. If in doubt, don't bring one. All of the control sites are close to trails and major features. One of the most important skills in orienteering is being able to build a mental picture of the terrain from the map, and this is easier to do (at early stages) without fussing around with a compass.


Everybody must register and sign out to participate in the race. Please report to the tents set-up next to the Chalet.


Sweet snacks and juice will be served right after the race just next to the Chalet. This will be a good occasion to talk about the coming ski season!! We are not serving chili this year because of logistical issues. We suggest you use your water bottle to drink the provided juice. No glasses will be available.


This event can not happen without the help of volunteers. Please see requirements and description below:

-Course set-up and take down (4-6 person needed): getting on site earlier to help Mike Iles set-up and take down the course. Please contact Mike directly at to register and details

-Registration (4

-5 needed): Set-up tent and tables. Register the kids and distribute maps. Please contact François at to register and details

-Food (4 needed): Set-up tables and accessories to serve the food. Dismantle after. Please contact Jill at to register and details

Please note that this event is for parents and kids. Everybody is welcome.

Please be on time! This event will go rain or shine because after all, we are a ski club!!

For more information please contact François at


Merci et au plaisir de vous voir en grand nombre.



RR Coordinator

Chelsea Nordiq