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Training August 12 to 18th

posted Aug 12, 2019, 9:40 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Aug 16, 2019, 9:58 AM ]
Practice participation
The number of people coming out to practice has been getting very small lately. I know that some
 people are away but I also know that their are people that are avoiding practice. Avoiding practice
has many problems that do not help your development. 1. You are not getting fitter and therefore not 
progressing towards mastery, progression and improvement are some of the most powerful motivators 2. You are  
not developing social connections with the training group and your coach, social connections are the 
next most powerful motivators. With out these motivators you will start to question why you are 
doing this and you will suffer from a lack of purpose. How to protect your self from this is to get your self 
to practice. Your coaches are committed to your development but we can have little impact if you are not there. 

Time Trial
On August 25th we will be hosting the next regional time trial. This means that we will need to 
be organizing and providing most of the volunteers. Below are the details. This is a fun time trial,
 it is the second time that we have done this time trial.

National Capital Roller Ski Time trial #2 UpHill Fun August 25th
Type:   Skate roller-ski U14 and U16
Classic U18 and Open
Start:   Individual - 15 sec
Location: P5

8am bib pick up 
Start time
Estimate start time: 8:45 Open U18
Estimate start time: 9am U16 and U14 

Volunteers? Of course!  Register here: 
Distances and Categories
8k P5 to top of Black Lake Hill 
Open Men, Open Women, U18 Boys and Girls
5k Mica Junction to top of Black Lake Hill
 U16 Girls/Boys and U14 Boys and Girls
Safety: pull off to right at appointed turn-arounds; check left and right then turn left
only CCC registered skiers may participate

Cost: none

Deadline: Friday August 23rd 11:59 pm

Training Plans

Training plans have been updated. Follow the following links to your training plan. 
For those that have their own training plans cut and paste the August training plan into your plan. 

Meso 4
Week TypeIntensity
DateAM/PMTraget ZoneWorkout DescriptionHoursComments
Monday August 12
Tuesday August 13
PMZone 1/speedZone 11.5Zone 1 of choice
Wednesday August 14
PMStrengthGym Meso 41Heritage College
Thursday August 15
PMBuilding z3/43 -6 x 4 min zone 3 with 10 secs acceleration 2 min rest1.5P8 Classic or skate for biathletes
Friday August 16
PMZone 1/ TechniqueZone 1 of choice1
Saturday August 17
AMClassic Roller ski Race prep 3-4 x 8min zone 42P8 9am - 11am
Sunday August 18
AMZone 1 of choice2
Week TotalYTP = 1310.5