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Training September 23rd to 30th

posted Sep 23, 2019, 6:29 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Sep 24, 2019, 8:51 AM ]
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Important up Coming dates
September 28th is our Chelsea Open House
Oct 5-6 will be our fall training camp, Likely in Tremblant, details to come and there 
will be an opportunity to run Papineau ville. 
Oct 18-20th Ottawa Ski Show Fund Raiser
Oct 26th fall Orienteering Rogaine get your compasses ready
Nov 2-3rd Chelsea Nordiq Ski Swap
November 30th -Dec 1 on-snow Camp (Maybe at Nakkertok maybe Morin Heights 
depending on snow)
Dec 6 and 7 Premier Neige races in Morin Heights 
Dec 13-15 Q-Cup #1 Nakkertok Candy Cane Cup 

Team Meeting Notes 

Here is a link to all of the team meeting notes. 

Race schedule, Budgets and Sign Up sheets
Please sign up to Tremblant training camp before Thursday. I would like for the Tremblant Camp to be a priority for all athletes. We do alot of team building and some excellent training so it is a good one for all 

Suggested Races

Nationals - For 2nd years Juveniles and or coach permission
Please sign up for Nationals on the sheet above. Here is a look at the proposed nationals 
trip budget in detail so you can see how the costs are going to break down for this trip.  
This trip is more expensive because of the number of days that we need to go in order
 to acclimatize to the altitude of Sovereign Lake. The plane ticket you will purchase on your
own and you can use points, air miles. 





Trip total














Support team baggage and Wax Equipment





3 Vans








support team costs for 4 support staff








Paid Wax Leader








Without flight



proposed budget for trip not including flights +10% reserve 



Total Nationals Budget



Nordiq Canada Race License

If you have not signed up for your Nordiq Canada race license you 
will need to do so. All nordic race athletes need this. Below is the link and all 
the information that you need. 

CCC:    (Purchase annual license)

SFQ: Included in Program registration

Info needed:

Club official:Maurice Samm 

Club Coach: Maurice Samm

Coach NCCP#:  1217212

Coach Level: Competition Development

Lots of people ask me about CPL or Canada Points list. This is the ranking
list of everyone in Canada and most international athletes.

You can look at this page for a description of the CPL list and the link to the actual list.
An interesting factoid is that we have 10 athletes in our training group that are ranked
top 10 in their year of birth in Canada. See if you can figure out who these athletes are.

Weekly Training 

Date: Tuesday September 24th
Time: 6:30 - 8pm
Location: Visitors center
Training: Penguin Up Hill running intensity
Equipement: running shoes, water bottle, head lamp
Notes: Please bring head lamps as it is dark by the end of practice. 

Date: Thursday September 26th
Time: 6:30 - 8pm
Location: p8
Training: 30sec on 30secs off x 10 intervals with sprint start technique 
Equipement: Classic for those that have classic roller skis, skate for the rest
water bottle, head lamp
Notes: Please bring head lamps as it is dark by the end of practice. 

Date: Saturday September 28th
Time: 9 - 12pm
Location: Camp Fortune Lower parking lot 
(Do not park in the Chalet Des Erable Parking lot)
Training: Adventure run and mentoring younger programs
Equipement: Running shoes, water bottle, Water bottle holder
Notes: We will be doing a run at our speed from 9am until 10:45am and then 
we will be doing some mentoring of younger programs From 11:15 - 12noon