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Training September 16th to 22nd

posted Sep 15, 2019, 7:33 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Sep 16, 2019, 1:51 PM ]
Reminder that training is now Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8pm and Saturday 9am -11am. 

Important up Coming dates

September 21 is the Skinouk Roller Ski Race and Mini camp with Fondeur Laurentide 
September 28th is our Chelsea Open House
Oct 5-6 will be our fall training camp, Likely in Tremblant, details to come and there 
will be an opportunity to run Papineau ville. 
Oct 26th fall Orienteering Rogaine get your compasses ready
Nov 2-3rd Chelsea Nordiq Ski Swap
November 30th -Dec 1 on-snow Camp (Maybe at Nakkertok maybe Morin Heights 
depending on snow)
Dec 6 and 7 Premier Neige races in Morin Heights 
Dec 13-15 Q-Cup #1 Nakkertok Candy Cane Cup 

Roller Ski Race and Mini Camp With Foudeur Laurentide 

This week end there is the Skinouk roller ski race here is the registration link.  Registration closes September 19th make sure that you sign up. This is going to be a great race with a lot of good competition do not miss out on this opportunity to test your fitness. Race planning and glitter are going to be really important to make sure that we bring our kick ass to this race. If you are not yet comfortable on the hills in the Gatineau park do not sign up as you will be doing a hill training session, watching and learning from the athletes that are racing. 

Foundeur Laurentide for the race and staying for the week end to do a mini camp.  We have the opportunity to race and train with them which is going to be awesome they have some great athletes and fun people. Many of the gang that we trained with at the August Tremblant Camp are going to be there so it will be a good time to train with some excellent people and deeper the friendships that we have already started. The exact training plan will be posted but there will be training Sunday morning and potentially a BBQ and Bon fire on Saturday night at Moe's house in Wakefield for both our team and Fondeur Laurentides. 

Sporte Etude

For athletes interested in doing a modified Sport etude at Philemon Wright High School.
 It is possible to talk to your guidance councillor and do 2 days of training with sport etude.
 Hadley is doing a sport etude but it is only for grades 7 and 8. grade 9 to 11 athletes can
 still join sport etude but they will miss class a couple of times a week, it is a good way to get 
your training done during the day, be with a highly motivated group of athletes. 

I recommend Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:30-3:30pm
Training will be at the Relais Plien Air
The cost of this program will be $650 for the year 
If you are interested talk to Moe

Skinouk Roller Ski Race
On September 21st we will be participating in the Skinouk Roller ski race. The race will
 take place at p5 with bib pick up at 6:30am and first race starting at 8am. It will be a mass 
start race. Fondeur Laurentide is also coming for a training camp so we will join them for a 
mini local camp. More details to come. 
The race costs $25 and here is the registration link 
This race will take place in the hills at p5 if you are not comfortable with the hills then I do not 
encourage you to race. We will be practicing hills this week end so you will know if you are ready to 
race or not do not miss Saturday's practice if you are new to the hills. 

Team Meeting

Next Thursday, September 19th  we will do a team meeting. This is a mandatory meeting for both parents and athletes for both returning and new athletes. There will be a lot of valuable information given that will help your athlete and your family be successful this year. This will be an interactive meeting where you get to give feedback and input into the coming season. 

The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss:
Training process
Goals for up coming season
Trips for the coming season (Dates, costs, support teams)
Which athletes should go to which races
Ranking systems for Quebec and Canada (Quebec cup ranking and Canadian Points list, CPL) 

Training Plans

Training plans have been updated. Follow the following links to your training plan. 
For those that have their own training plans cut and paste the August training plan into your plan. 

Meso 4
Week TypeIntensity
DateAM/PMTraget ZoneWorkout DescriptionHoursComments
Monday September 16
Tuesday September 17
PMInterval Pyramid 30s,1min, 2min, 3min 5min 3min, 2min, 1min, 30s 1.5P8 6:30 - 8pm Skate roller Ski

Wednesday September 18
AMSki Strength1see ski strength plan
Thursday September 19
AMzone 1 of choice1Riders Roost 6:30 - 8pm
PMTeam meeting
Friday September 20
PMstrength1.5Your gym
Saturday September 21
AMSkate Roller Ski Race2p5 7am bib pick up, Skate Roller Ski
PMpotential training with Fondeur Laurentides and a BBQ at Moe's houseTBA
Sunday September 22
AMTraining with Fondeur Laurentides2p8 Classic or Skate
Week TotalYTP = 99