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Training Oct 19th to 24th

posted Oct 11, 2015, 8:42 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 6:36 PM ]

The Ski Swap is coming Nov 7th. This is our major fundraiser of the year. The work that we do here pays for our wax and wax equipment. Biathlon and X-C wax usually cost $7-8000 each year. So you need to be ready everyone parents and athletes will need to make sure that they are present during the swap. Every athlete need a quality silent auctions item, this is where we make most of our money. We will also be doing a raffle and a concession. Everyone will be required to sell tickets for the raffle and bring baked goods for the concession.

Hello from your Silent Auction Team, Cynthia Westaway and Mona Marshy
It is already time for all to assist in the Silent Auction effort by
finding some excellent Silent Auctions items from our community and 
from your contacts. Remember, the money we make goes towards the race waxes,
which help make us so fast!
We have a new simple system to electronically sign up your items.   All
you need to do is quickly check our list of donations to date to avoid
duplication, ask for donations and then get your contributions added to
our list!  (Note that we will leave Pierre Gravel Chief of Vendors to
approach all the local ski shops and bigger Sponsors for Silent Auction
items ie Greg Christie, Fresh Air, Peccos and the Cyclery.)
Step One:  Go to this link and check to see what is already on the


 (this is very important  to ensure that we do not keep asking the same
merchants multiple times)
Step Two: Once you have your auction item promised or in hand, go to

this same link

Enter your email address, first and last name, item description
(short), donor name and estimated value (if known; ie. this is 
optional,the rest are required fields).
Step Three: Drop off your items by arrangement with Mona or Cynthia before November 6.(this is important so that bid sheets can be prepared ahead of time)
Contact Cynthia or Mona at if you have
any questions or run into any challenges. Thanks for all your help and
let’s get started early so we have some great items for our Auction!

We will not be doing Ski testing pick up on October 15th. I talked to Wayne and he is not ready for skis yet. We will do the pick up Oct 22nd at ski practice. After practice I will be taking the skis to Wayne's Shop in Wakefield where they will be tested. You will need to attach your $10/pair, put your name on each ski and your weight. Wayne no longer lives in Chelsea so you cannot drop them off at his house. So be organized and ready to drop off skis on the 22nd of October. Picking skis and learning about skis takes time. I have attached a ski selection document into the filling cabinet please read through the document to learn more about what makes skis fast. 

Checks for races are due October 20th. Please make sure that you give your checks to Moe or Stew by then. Make sure that you have signed up for races on the documents below by Oct 20th. Stew has kindly offered to organize races and trips this year. This is a fun job but it is very quickly made very difficult and demanding having to chase people after deadlines and make changes because people did not think through or commit to their race plans. Imagine if we had to pay volunteers for their time how much more costly this program would be. So please respect the deadlines do not waste volunteer time and get signed and paid before Oct 20th.

This is a message from Stew. 

For those of you who were able to make it out to the Nordic Race Program meeting on Thursday night, thank you!  

I trust that the presentation was informative and that everyone understands the importance of establishing guidelines to simplify the process. 

I am always open to ideas as to how we can improve our operations.  So please, if you have any send them my way.  

For those who were not able to make it and those who have not signed up yet, here are your next steps to follow that will help me keep the process flowing: (Deadline - October 20th.  - helps to avoid penalties) 
  • Race Calendar - Excel Doc attached.  Please follow post-dated check payment guide in "Column D" for the races you select.
  • Program Guidelines - Word doc attached and also available on Goggle Docs.
  • Race Events - sign up for the "Race Events" that interest you in the Google Doc link below.  Get your events lined up as soon as possible.
  • Support Teams -  sign up for the "Race Events" that interest you in the Google Doc link below.  deadline is October 20th and after this time we will be making team selections based on ratios of Athletes to Support needed.

Draft Calendar of Events - 2015/2016 - Supported Events












Distance & Disciplines



15 - 18


 $ 200.00 

Dryland Training Camp

Jericho, Vermont

Roller Ski Volume and Technique

Juveniles & Older


12' - 14


 $ 400.00 

Snow Training Camp

La Foret Montmorency

Snow Ski Volume and Technique

2nd Yr Juveniles & Older


19 - 20 


 $ 350.00 

US Eastern Cup

Craftsbury, VT

Classic Sprint + 5km Interval Start

2nd Yr Juveniles & Older + Coach Invite 


9' - 10


 $ 300.00 

Quebec Cup #1

St. Bruno

Short Dist Classic & Sprint Skate

Juveniles & Older


11' - 17


 $ 500.00 

NORAM W. Jr. U23 Trials

Lappe Nordic, Thunder Bay

Skiathlon, Skate & Classic

Coach Invitation


 $ 500.00 


 $ 3,050.00 


30 - 31


 $ 350.00 

Quebec Cup #2

Mont Saint Anne

Prologue Classic & Pursuit Skate

Juveniles & Older


5' - 7


Quebec Cup #3 & Eastern Cdn's


Prol & Sprt Cl & Purs Sk & Mass Cl

Midgets, Juveniles & Older


13 - 15

NORAM Championships

Club Defi, St. Gabriel de Bra

Classic & Skate



20 - 21


 $ 350.00 

Quebec Cup #4


5-10km Skate & 15-20km Cl

Juveniles & Older


20 - 21

Canadian Ski Marathon


Classic Distance

All - Self Supported


22 -28 


U23 World Jr. Cup


Prol & Sprt Cl & Purs Sk & Mass Cl

Must Qualify


1' - 12

Ski Tour Canada

Gatineau, Montreal, QC City

Pro Tour

Must See - Spectator 


13 - 14


 $ 300.00 

Quebec Cup #5 - Finale

Far Hills

Short Dist 5-10 CL & Relais Skate

Midgets, Juveniles & Older


19 - 26


 $ 400.00 

Nationals 2016


T Sp © 5/10 C 10/15 F SP F Sp F 30/50

2nd Yr Juveniles & Older


 $ 600.00 


 $ 600.00 


 $ 600.00 


 $ 500.00 


 $ 300.00 


 $ 3,000.00 

You need to purchase your CCC race license follow this link to purchase it online. Get this done early each year there are athletes that get caught at the first races without their license and have to scramble to get their licenses at the last minute. Those racing in the US this year and want to score points from these races will need to purchase their FIS License as well. 

You will need this information to get your CCC license
Club Official Maurice Samm
Coach Maurice Samm
Coach # 1217212
Level Competition Development

Tuesday Oct 20th 

Activity: Mobilization and Muscle Rolling

Location: Chalet Des Erable

Time: Juveniles 6:15 - 7:15

            Juniors and Open 7:15- 8:15pm

Thursday, Oct 22nd

Activity: Sprint starts  10 x 15secs 1min rest

Location: War Museum

Time: 6:30-8:00

Saturday  Oct 24th

Activity:  Skate Time Trial

Location: P8

Time: 8am - 10:30am

Category/Distance/Approx. start time (All start times approx. based on number of athletes registered
Juvenile Boys 6km 9am
Juvenile Girls 6km  9:10am
Junior Girls - 6 km - 9:20AM
Junior Boys - 9 km - 9:35 AM
Open Women - 9 km - 9:40 AM
Open Men - 9 km - 9:45 AM

Online registration is mandatory,  and must be completed by 7:00 PM Friday, Oct. 23rd.
Follow the link to register in the proper category!

Please arrive for 8:00 AM in order to collect your bib, verify your start time, and warm-up.

We are also hoping to collect data for splits again, as well as have a strong start/finish crew. Follow the link to our Doc if you're interested in helping out! All we need is your presence, and a pencil. We will have split recording sheets and pencils.

Sunday Oct 25th 

Activity: Skate distance ski 

Location: P8