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Training Nov 16 to 22nd

posted Nov 16, 2015, 6:42 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Nov 18, 2015, 9:21 PM ]
LIt was a great week end skiing on real snow. At first the snow was dirty and slushy then Friday night it froze and it was icy and fast. It was good klister skiing. There was lots of good volume done with most skiers getting 10-14 hours of skiing over the 4 days. 

This is a recovery week so make sure to get good rest after a good week of volume. 

  1. Coaching Course this week end see below for more details. 
  2. Soon the snow loop will open soon, below for more details. 
  3. Stone grinding for those that are interested in stone grinding. I will bring skis to Wayne next Thursday Night. So please bring me your skis. See below for more details. 
  4. I have one sleeping bags left over from Jericho that have not been picked up yet. I will bring to practice.  
  5. Get your CCC/FIS race license more information below.
  6. Now that the ski swap is done you will need to look at your skis to makes sure that you have all that you need. If you still need skis boots or poles now is the time to look into this. Contact Stew about the club order from Rossi as this is a good deal. Ski shops are also having their club nights in the next little while so take advantage of these. 
Coaching Course:
 Tuesday night we will be doing a waxing clinic and ski testing clinic. For those that feel they understand waxing and ski testing enough you can use this as a rest day. 

There is a Level 1 Coaching (Intro to community coaching and Community Coaching) course happening this week end, those that are 16 years and older can participate. In order to coach with the club you need to take this course and it is a good thing to have on your resume. The club covers the cost of the course so there is no charge. Here are the times for the course. 

Thursday Night ICC and CC - 6pm until 9pm

Friday Night CC only - 6pm until  9pm 

Saturday 9:30 - 4pm ICC and CC

Sunday 9:30 - 4pm CC only 

Snow Loop: 
The cost is $83 per person. Because our fundraising was so good the club will cover $23 per person so the loop will only cost $60 per person. Snow can only be made when the temperature is right but by the end of the week the temps look good. When the loop is open this will be practice so you will need to by a pass.  

Stone Grinding: After the architecture of the ski the base structure is the most important component to making a ski fast. So if you have older skies that are scratched up you will want to get them stone ground. If you bought new Rossignal skis you will want to get them stone ground as the factory grind is for wet European Snow and they will be slow in cold conditions that we have around ottawa. Those that bought other brands you can bring them to practice and I will look at them to see if they need to be ground. The answer is likely yes as most of the factory grinds are too aggressive for cold ottawa winters. 

You need to purchase your CCC race license follow this link to purchase it online. Get this done early each year there are athletes that get caught at the first races without their license and have to scramble to get their licenses at the last minute. Those racing in the US this year and want to score points from these races will need to purchase their FIS License as well. 

You will need this information to get your CCC license
Club Official Maurice Samm
Coach Maurice Samm
Coach # 1217212
Level Competition Development

Tuesday Nov 17th 

Activity: Waxing and ski testing clinic we will be testing skis and talking about the architecture of good cross country skis and doing a glide and grip waxing clinic. Parents that are interested can participate.

Bring a pair of skate and classic race skis to wax

Location: Chalet des Erable

Time: 6:30-8pm

Thursday Nov 19th 

Activity: Mobilization and stretching with Lesley

Location: Chalet des Erable

Time: 6:30- 7:30 juveniles 7:30-8:30 jumiors and open

Saturday Nov 21st 

Activity: Girls fast and female photo running and strength shoot at hendricks farm 9:30 - 11am

Boys will be coached by Karl Saidla of xcottawa. At p5 9-11am

Sunday November 22nd

Activity: Classic interval ladder. 1 x 3mins (Z3) 3min rest 1x 2mins (z4) 2min rest 2 x 30secs (Z5) 2mins rest, 5 x 15 secs pure speed) 1 min rest, 2 x 30secs (Z5) 2min rest, 1 x 2min (Z4) 2min rest, 1 x 3min (Z3)

(Open men and women will do 6mins of Z3 and 4mins zone 4)

Location: P5

Time: 9am - 11am