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Training May 12th to May 19th

posted May 12, 2015, 10:16 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated May 15, 2015, 4:58 PM ]
Week Number 2, Amazing at the beginning of the year week 48 and nationals sounds so far away but it comes quickly. 

The hard drive on my computer has crashed and is in getting fixed. I will use the website to outline training programs until it is fixed. This time of year we are slowly working our selves into shape with lots of zone 1 training. For those in CEGEP and going through exams take the time to study. Remember that there is lots research that talks about how exercise is good for the brain and helps with learning and retention of material so make sure to get out there and take a study break when you can.

I would like to have a heart rate monitor by next Thursday as we are going to start working on max heart tests with out a heart rate monitor this is harder to do. The garmin Forunner 15 is a good watch with heart rate and GPS functions for under $200. You can get them at Mec and many other stores.

We have discussed training plans and sport log at practice. 
Registration for Sport Log is simple just fill out the form make sure that you put your team as Chelsea Nordiq and the registration code is "xcski". By clicking Chelsea Nordiq both Katie and I will be able to review your training. We will check your training once a week to see your progress. If you have a question please email Katie or myself directly so that you can get a fast response. 

Registration is now open please use this link to get to the registration link, Please make sure that you read all information on the Chelsea Nordiq Website and the zone4 website. Mistakes in registration costs lots of volunteer time to fix. Please enter both athlete and parent email address so that both are on the email list. 

Equipment that will be needed for summer training. 
1. Running shoes
2. Watch with a timer that you know how to use (Juveniles). For Juniors you will need a watch with a heart rate monitor. The timex watches and heart rate monitors are the best bang for your buck and the Garmin watches are very nice if you are looking for watches with GPS and other online features they are also more money. These are the two that I know the best. I also know that many like the Suunto watches and heart rate monitors. The most important thing is that you know how to use it and you are going to bring it to practice.  If there is a parent interested in a team order we can ask some of the reps/stores if they would be willing to do so. 
3. Skate roller skis and Classic Roller skis, Biathletes need skate roller skis only and are highly recommended to have classic roller skis at is it very good training and a good balance exercise. If there is a parent interested in doing a roller ski order for classic skis we can also look into this. 
4.Helmet and gloves for roller skiing, these are the primary safety pieces for roller skiing. No Helmet No Ski!! 
5. Roller ski poles, these can be your winter ski poles but they must have the roller ski tip with the carbide tip on them which is meant for roller ski. Most snow baskets do not get enough grip on the pavement and make roller skiing frustrating. 
6..Bike, we will be biking at least once per month over the coming summer, your bike does not have to be top quality but it should fit you and it should be well maintained. We will be using bikes on bike paths and roads. 
7. Training log we will be using sport log this year. This was not done last year and we are going to stress the importance of this as well we are going to use these logs as racing logs. 

There will be an organizational meeting on May 12th, the meeting will be at 6:30pm, location at the NCC Visitors Centre. There will be three goals for this meeting to 
1.Review summer training and summer training camps. 
2. Discuss and organize new roles for managing the team for this year. 
3. Discuss Cross Country Nationals for 2016 in WhiteHorse. 
4. Social Time for new families to the program can be introduced to the current families. 

Registration will be open tomorrow. When you register make sure that both parent and athlete email addresses are used so that both receive group emails. 

Remember that the AGM is on Wednesday at the Cascades Club at 7pm. 


Tuesday May 12th Team meeting All 

Activity: Team Meeting

Location: NCC

Time: 6:30 - 8pm 

Wednesday May 13th Gym Strength Training 16 and older

Activity: Strength Training

Cost:$5 for the gym

Location: Meredith Center

Time: 6:30 - 8pm 

Thursday May 14th All

Activity:  3 km zone 1 time trial running technique and finish with Ultimate frisbee

Time: 6:30 to 8pm 

Saturday May 16th 

Activity: 1 hour zone 1 Run ski or bike at a time that works for you

Sunday May 17th All 

Activity: 2 hr Road Biking Gatineau Park make sure that you have a bike that fits you and that is in good shape mechanically it does not have to be an expensive bike. Katie will be leading practice as Moe will be away. Raph Couturier and Guillaume Ethier will be guest coaching and helping Katie. 

Location: P8 

Time: 9 - 11pm 

Tuesday May 19th

Activity: First skate roller ski of the season technique video and distance, I will bring extra roller skis with me for those that need them bring you ski boots with you.

Location: War museum out front there is a 500m loop that is perfect for technique work and we will use the bike paths along the river for some distance.

Time: senior team 4:45 to 6:15 junior team 6:30 to 8pm