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Training June 17th to 23rd

posted Jun 17, 2019, 11:53 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Jun 18, 2019, 4:32 AM ]
I am switching how I post training I am going to cut and past the training plan into this section. This will hopefully eliminate different places having different information to eliminate confusion. The amount of training on your particular plan may be different based on our discussions. 

This week we have at time trail, this time trial is going to be awesome training. For this time trial I have data going back many years and you will be able to compare to many athletes over time. We will also redo this TT and so it will be useful to test for progress and improvement. Do not miss out. 

A reminder that we will be doing our first skate TT of the season this Saturday, June 22nd at P8.

Please sign up for the TT at the link below - the deadline is Thursday, June 20th at 11:59 PM. 


Due to our heavy usage of the parkway

1. Bib-pick will be to the P8 side of the parkway, on the grass, running parallel to the pavement. Please do not block access to the roadway or the access points around the gates for cyclists.

2. First start time to 8:30 AM. Please plan your arrival and bib-pick-up accordingly.

3. Category starts will go from longest to shortest distance (9 km/6 km) with the goal to clear as many athletes from each course as possible before starting the next one. This will reduce congestion on all courses and around the turn-around points.

This event runs on volunteers! Parents - we need help with a couple tasks/duties to help the TT run smoothly, please sign up! The link to the event volunteer form is here:

Arrival and Bib Pick Up - 8am


We will have 15 second interval starts, with an additional 2-5 minutes between categories.


Very important to remind you that we are sharing the parkway with bikes, and that while warming up, cooling down and racing, we must be respectful of parkway users. Please use the P8-P9 segment of the parkway for your warm-up and cool-down, follow direction of travel, and do not listen to music while rollerskiing.




Approx Start Time

Junior Boys

9 km - Mica

8:30-8:40 AM

Juvenile Boys

6 km - Top of Dave's Hill

8:50-9:00 AM

Junior Girls

6 km - Top of Dave's Hill

9:00-9:10 AM

Juvenile Girls

6 km - Top of Dave's Hill

9:15-9:25 AM

Owl Camp Instructions

Coaches: Moe and Sophie 

Trip Coordinator: Moe

Support: Tony Picard and Chris Pawluk

Cost: $275

Event details: The schedule is here.

Registration details: In order to confirm your registration you will need to 

send an email transfer to for the total amount of $275 

Please use the question: What camp am I going to? And the answer is "Owl" 

When sending the email transfer. 

Please have this completed by June 20th 

Drop off: 9am Tuesday June 25th at Owl – parents are responsible to organize 

transport for their kids to Owl which is 1hr15mins west of Ottawa

Pick up: Friday June 28th 3pm - Parents are responsible for pick up

Accommodation: Owl Rafting 

What to bring:

  •   Pack a lunch for Tuesday Lunch
  •   Roller  Ski equipment (Skate & Classic Skis, Boots and Poles helmet) If you do not have classic ski no problem
  •   Clothing, The forecast is looking for warm weather but please plan for rain and cool nights
  •   Swim suit, towel
  •   Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag
  •   Toiletries, bug spray, sun screen hat
  •   Bright t-shirt, reflective shirt for roller skiing on the road
  •   Running shoes
  •   Race journal
  •  Owl Waiver signed online

Waiver: Everyone will need a sign waiver. This can be done online, you will need the following information to complete the waiver

Link to waiver- 

OWL Rafting Waiver 

Group Name: Chelseanordiq2019

Booking Date: June 25th 2019

Please confirm that your name is on the list below. 

Marisa Iwanowski
Matisse Fairchild
Isabelle Caza
Jean-Nicolas de Broeck
Ariane Blouin
Félix Blouin
Thomas Trudel
Oliver Picard
Béatrice Fortin
Isabelle Haag
Niklas Kolodziej
Tory Audet
Maisie H-A
Bjorn Arnold
Liam Pawluk
Tristan Bosse-Thompson

Weekly Training 

Meso 2
Week 8 TypeIntensity
DateAM/PMTraget ZoneWorkout DescriptionHoursCommentsAthlete comments - feeling, questions, hours accommplished
Monday June 17
Tuesday June 18
PMZone 1 of choice1-2hoursSelf training
Wednesday June 19
PMStrength1 to 1.5Heritage College CentrePlease bring $30 cash if you have not paid
Thursday June 20
PMZone 1 / TechniqueOne skate technical focus with 10 x 15secs sprinting in different techniques1.5P8Please bring skater roller ski equipment, 
Friday June 21
PMStrength1.5Self Training
Saturday June 22
AMSkate TT 6 and 9km1.5P8 - 8am startMore details will be sent out please, there will be an online registration for this TT 
Sunday June 23
AMzone1style of choice1.5

Week TotalTotal YTP hours =99