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Training June 11th to 17th

posted Jun 9, 2012, 12:59 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Jun 12, 2012, 8:01 PM ]

This is week 6 in our yearly training program, this means that it is a medium building week. This week has a little more volume than last week and a little more than last block. The training program is set up to build you little by little, it should be rare that you feel as though you are totally destroyed after a work out. If you are than your recovery time is going to be longer which will affect the next training. We will be focusing on pacing, strength and roller ski technique.

Update on the Outaouais Coaching award, I did not win this one, the Coach from Karate won this one, he works with their national development and has a number of his athletes on the national team. So in a few years I might be able to pick up this award if we continue to do the good work that we are doing.

For anyone that is having pain, sick or is injured. It is important that you let me know so that we can modify your training for the day, week or month. It is better to modify your training than to have sickness or injury last longer that it should and force you to have to sit out. Remember most sickness and injury is preventable.

Biathlon nationals are March 20-24 in Whistler and Cross country nationals are March 23 to 31. Are there any biathletes that are interested in doing both sets of nationals? If you are than you will need to let me know so that we can organize this because we are already booking accommodation.

Here are some details for the owl training camp. First I have a family conflict on the 23rd and 24th so I would like to move the camp camp to the Thursday the 21 and Friday the 22th or Monday and Tuesday the 25th and 26th can you please send me an email to let me know which one works better for you and confirm that you are coming. The costs are also cheaper during the week. The costs for camping, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and one supper, and one day of rafting will be $185.32, travel costs and support team cost will be additional to this. This cost is for the big twelve person rafts these are safer, dryer and controlled mostly by the guide, if we pay another twenty dollars we can go in the smaller 8 person rafts which is more action, wetter and takes more team work for the folks in the raft.

I am expecting 10 -12 people to attend so, I will need one female support person, I will need this person to be able to follow the group on roller skis, bike or car to act as safety and help me set up a few other activities during the camp. Any other parents/family members are welcome to come but costs will not be covered.

Once we figure out dates here is a purposed agenda.

Arrive by 7pm on the first night
  • we would set up camp
  • Do a Strength/strength routine
    • Finish with a game of extreme frisbee golf
  • Day two
    • Breakfast
    • Skate roller ski to rafting put in
    • Rafting
    • Lunch after rafting
    • Rest down time play at the beach
    • Run before supper
    • After supper mental training time 
  • Day three
    • Breakfast
    • long distance Classic ski (Skate for those that do not have classic roller skis)
    • Lunch
    • Multi-sport adventure race
    • Head for home about 3pm
  • You will need to bring
    • camping gear, tent sleeping bag, sleeping, pad,
    • clothing for all weather, wetsuits are included in the cost of the rafting
    • skate and classic roller skis, poles, helmet, gloves,
    • training dairy
    • running gear
    • swimming suit and towel
    • frisbee, outdoor games, cards

Monday, June 11th  

Wednesday June 13th  

  • Activity: Track intensity 3 x 1200, in your training program it says 5 km time trial, I am going to change this because you will be in exams.  
  • When: 6 - 7:30pm 
  • location: Philemon Wright 
  • Bring: Running gear, watch with a timer water, snack for after practice.  
  • Dress for the weather

Sunday June 17th   

  • Activity: Skate roller skiing technique and tempo run 
  • When: 9 - 12 
  • Location: P8 
  • Bring: Skate roller skiing, poles, helmet, gloves and running gear, watch with a timer, water and snack for after practice.