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Training July 27th to August 2nd

posted Jul 27, 2015, 5:20 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Jul 27, 2015, 6:01 PM ]
Week 11, this is a rest week. Make sure you take some time to rest and recover after a big training block. 

The lactate testing has now been posted in the filling cabinet. It has been a fun, challenging and interesting learning curve playing with lactate testing. We have now done 4 large scale lactate tests with 4 smaller tests of zone 3. In the document in the filling cabinet there are the 4 large scale tests. 

Each of these tests was good learning. The 3 first tests had some issues with the test, it still gave some interesting results but we needed to modify it as the paces were too fast, it was too complicated and most peoples lactate levels were too high through both tests. We also received a number of results that did not make sense and likely represented coaches using the lactate tester incorrectly. 
The second test went better but it was still too complicated as we were trying to get athletes to ski at speeds representing zone 3 and 4 but this did not really work that well. We were also still getting some results that were errors from coaches learning to use the lactate testers. 
Test 3 we used double pole and we asked athletes to ski at a specific heart rate and this work much better but double polling did not get athletes into their target heart rate fast enough for them to maintain a lactate steady state so we were getting some results that did not make sense. 
Test 4 Went really well and I think that we now have a good test protocol, it is simpler to administer and we were getting good results and we managed to test the most athletes smoothly. 

So go the filling cabinet and have a look. In the July 21 skate test I have added a table that looks at training zones, energy systems and you can use this to check your results in the test to see what zone your lactate levels represent. 

Tuesday July 28th

Activity: Skate Rolle ski agility intervals 

Location: Lac Lemey Reno Depot parking lot we will swim after the work out.

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday July 29th 

Activity: Strength training 

Location: Meredith Center

Time: 6:30-8pm

Thursday July 30th 

Activity: Roller ski to the Movies

Location: Relais Plein air we will discuss which movie we will watch on Tuesday my vote is for Inside Out it looks like a funny look at the inside voices in our heads that help us to be awesome and some times limit us. 

Time: 6:00 to the end of the movie, pick up will be at StarCite

Sunday August 2nd

Activity: Classic Roller Ski 15 mins of zone 3 

Location: P5

Time:  9am - 11pm