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Training Jan 13 to Jan 19

posted Jan 15, 2014, 5:55 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Jan 16, 2014, 6:40 PM by Victor Veinotte ]
This is week 38 in our yearly training plan. It is a race week
This is a busy week and it stays busy from now until April so hold on to your hats. This week end Biathlon is in Valcartier and Nordic is doing the Coup Skinouk. Good Luck biathlon. 

Nordic remember to register for the Coup Skinouk by Thursday, Jan 16th. I had a look at the registration page and there are many juveniles and juniors that have not signed up. 

Stew is offering to have a waxing party at his place to help anyone who needs help with glide wax and base binder. We were also thinking about ordering pizza please sign up on this google document if you are interested in attending.  You will be able to prepare both classic and skate skis for this week end. More details will follow about when this will start. 

For waxing on Saturday Glide with Swix LF7 or Toko Red, if you have both put on toko red, please sand your grip zone with 100 grit sand paper and apply a base binder (vauhti super binder if you have it or any other base binder that you have) I will be on site Saturday morning to test waxes and help you apply wax, you will be waxing your own skis. I will be testing swix waxes and vauhti waxes. Please bring your grip waxes as I will not have enough wax to get everyone waxed in a timely fashion, please bring a wax form if you have one. 

For Sunday apply Toko red or Swix LF6, as coaches we have agreed that this is a low flouro event so please do not put on pure flouro toppers. 

 Coup Skinouk is a prefect opportunity to practice waxing your skis and to understand what happens in the wax room when someone else is waxing your skis for you. You will need to arrive at 7:30am so that you can get your skis waxed, warm up and be ready to race. 

For the Gatineau Loppet I suggest that you do one distance race for your category. You can do two races if you wish just make sure that the other race is a short race as we are racing in Orford the week end after.  If you want to do only one race than do a distance race. 
Here is the schedule of races:

  • Friday, February 14th: Registration starting at 5pm
  • Saturday, February 15th: Classic Style day with the 5, 15, 27 et 51 km races
  • Sunday, February 16th : Freestyle day with the Mini Sport Échange Outaouais, and the 10, 27 and 51 km races and the Snowshoes races of 2.5, 5 and 10 km.
So for:

Junior girls I suggest one of the 15km classic or the 10km skate and one of the shorter races if you are wanting to do two races. You can also take on one of the 27km races if you wish but only do one race if this is your choice. 
Junior B and A boys: one of the 27km races, since this is your first 27 km race I suggest only one race this week end so you have enough time to recover for Orford. 
Juveniles the 5km classic and 10km skate  or the 15km classic, do the 5 and 10 if you are wanting to do both races. 

 Week 38 

Thursday Jan 16th Juniors and Youth 

Activity: Classic  5min zone 3 warm up, 10 x 30 sec 1 min rest and distance ski

Location: Relais Plein Air

Time: 4:45 - 6:15pm 

Thursday Jan 16th Juveniles and Senior boys and girls  

Activity: 5min zone 3 warm up,  8 x 30 sec 1 min rest and distance ski

Location: Relais Plein Air

Time: 6:30pm - 8pm

 Saturday Jan 18th  Juniors and Juveniles

Activity: Coup Skinouk CLASSIC 

Location: Relais Plien Air

Time: 7:30am to wax your skis and races start at 9am 

Sunday Jan 19th Juniors and juveniles

Activity: Coup Skinouk Skate 

Location: Relais Plein Air 

Time: Arrive at 8am races start at 9am