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Training February 25th to March 3rd

posted Feb 25, 2013, 7:27 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Feb 28, 2013, 1:05 PM by Moe Samm ]
This posting is for is week 44 in our yearly training program, training week for both Biathlon and Cross country. For Biathlon this is your last week of harder training before you start tapering for nationals. Nordic you begin you taper March 10th.  The focus this week will be short intensities, one long intensity and recovery. We will always be focusing on good technique.

Nordic had an excellent weekend in Orford. There was some excellent racing and some that learned some goo lessons. Nordic came home with 10 medals from all categories, results can be seen on Zone4. If you were in La Patrie or Lake placid for biathloon came you please send me a race report to I can hear how you did.

This Saturday is the cookie race,  I would like all of you to volunteer to help out. It is a super fun event that many of your participated in when you were racing rabbits. Noe you can give back with your time and help create the same fun and excitement that you felt when you did the cookiebiener. Please register here for a check point so that the organizers know you are going to be there.

Blood tests for iron, if I have not talked to you about blood testing, do not get your blood tested. We are still researching this If you have already gotten your blood tested this is fine please come talk to me about it and please share with me your results.

Make sure that you are doing good recovery as there is no time to be sick. Being sick now could mean missing a race.  Make sure that you are 1. Eating healthy food, limited junk food (less than once per week) 2. Hydrating well (3-4 liters of water a day regularly 3. Sleeping a minimum of 8 hours per night 4. Managing your stress load, living in a positive frame of mind, you now have a bunch of tricks to de-stress quick if you find yourself in a situation that you are stress out. If you are not recovering well during life then the classic symptoms are 1. Being tired and cranky 2. Not motivated to get your work out or other work done. 3. you get sick. Here is an article on staying healthy from athletes at the Calaghan Valley Training Center

 The training program is set up to build you little by little, it should be rare that you feel as though you are totally destroyed after a work out. If you are than your recovery time is going to be longer which will affect the next training. Training also builds over time so if you are missing out on training or you are not doing your own self training you will find that you suffer in team work outs when you do show up. Being successful in a work out is very important to your mental development and your enjoyment of the sport. If you are not able to complete a work out then you don't feel as successful and it is not as fun. .

Tuesday, February 25th          

  • Activity: Skate 3x3 min intervals
  • Location: Chalets des erable
  • When: 6:30-8pm

Thursday, February 27th            

  • Activity: 7x1 min intervals, classic
  • Location: Chalet des erable
  • When:6:30-8pm

Saturday, February 23rd          

  • Activity:  Cookie biener
  • Location: P9
  • When:8:30am until 1pm

Sunday, February 24th             

  • Activity:  Skate distance Ski with 20 min tempo
  • Location: p10
  • When: 9-11