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Training Feb 2nd to 8th

posted Feb 2, 2015, 6:39 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 9:51 PM ]

This is a  recovery week for both biathlon and Cross Country as we have been doing lots of good racing lately and we need to give our bodies a bit of a break. 

I was so impress with the level of racing and maturity that I saw this week end. Chelsea Nordiq has never done so well. There were 11 medals won this week end. (I even won a medal as a guide for a blind skier named Christine. I also saw so many other personal best performances. This was very fun for me and great to see you expressing your training is such an awesome way. 

I also saw some people that had races that were not as good as they wanted. This is a fact of life some times it does not go the way that you wanted, your tired, sick, don't feel good, fall, break a pole, miss your start time, have skis that are snow or do not grip. Have a look at this video even the best fall down.  Some of these things are out of your control and some times your best is a long way from your personal best. I see this as great practice for life. Life throughs you curve balls and you get knocked down you have to have ways of picking your self up out of the dirt and keep going. 

The other thing to remember is that your value as a person is not tied to the quality of your results. If you have a good results that is a really fun feeling if you do not you are still the amazing skier and person as you were before. As your coach I am always proud of you, no matter what. it takes lots of guts to enter a race, it takes even more to push for your personal best. 

Tuesday Feb 3rd Senior Team

Activity: Easy Distance Recovery Ski, Classic

Location: P6

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm 

Tuesday Jan 3rd Junior Team

Activity: Classic (We will be doing a second mentoring session with the Adventure rabbits) it is a good time to do this as we need an easy ski after three week ends of racing. Dress warm and come ready to play. 

Location: P6

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm 

Thursday Feb 5th All 

Katie, Vic and Pierre will be running practice as Moe is in Craftsbury 

When: Feb 5th Bib pick-up starting at 6:30 pm and race start 7:30 or earlier. Event to end by 9:00 pm latest
Format: Qualifier followed by 1 or 2 heats (time depending)
Registration: closes Feb 4th at noon
Cost : Big fat $0, but tips and bribes will be expected
Where : Meredith Centre

Parking: Lower parking lot beside soccer field 4. Do not park in front of the Meredith Centre.  

Saturday Feb 7th All

Activity: Classic Easy distance ski with technique with 3 x 4min (4 mins rest) intervals mixed in, come with a piece of technique that you want to work on. 

Location: P12

Time 10-12noon

Sunday Feb 8th All

Activity: Skate Easy Distance ski, we will be debriefing racing so far. Think about these three questions: How has racing been going so far? What are your strengths in racing? What are your weaknesses in racing? we will ski to Western and debrief and then return to P7

Location: P7

Time: 9-12noon