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Training Feb 10 to 16

posted Feb 9, 2014, 6:05 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 6:26 PM ]
This is week 41 in our yearly training plan. 

This week is the Gatineau Loppet Week, there is no Quebec Cup Race for either Biathlon or Nordic. You are all required unless you have major convicts with school to attend Chelsea Nordiq's First official Sprint Race. It will be held at Chelsea Elementary. The Race is for pee sees to Junior B if you are Junior A or Youth you are not able to race but I have volunteer jobs for you. All of you are the best skiers in Chelsea Nordiq and the organizing committee feels that it is very important that you race and show case the talent that we have in Chelsea Nordiq. Not just to the ski community but to the larger Chelsea Community. Many people in the community do not know how good we are and the excellent skiers that we have, Now is our time to show them.  Here is the link to registration

For the Gatineau Loppet I will send out wax recommendations for classic and skate days as I will be waxing for both days. i am doing the 51 skate and the 5km Classic. You will be responsible for your own waxing make sure that it is you not your parents that are waxing your skis. You need to be responsible of this as it is great learning and you begin to understand all of the work that happens in the wax room. 

I will send out a wax recommendation on Wednesday for the glide wax for the week end and I will send out a grip recommendation friday evening, I will be testing waxes Saturday morning for Patty (brave girl is doing the 51km classic and letting me wax her skis, I better not mess this one up!!!) but this will likely be too late for anyone skiing the 27km event, I will send out a note when I make a choose for those that are interested and I will be around before the 5 and 15km events if you need help waxing.  But I recommend that you either test your own waxes in the morning or go with my or your best guess on Friday night. 

I suggest that you do one distance race for your category. You can do two races if you wish just make sure that the other race is a short race as we are racing in Orford the week end after.  If you want to do only one race than do a distance race. 
Here is the schedule of races:

  • Friday, February 14th: Chelsea Sprint 1pm and Registration for Saturday and Sunday starts at 5pm
  • Saturday, February 15th: Classic Style day with the 5, 15, 27 et 51 km races
  • Sunday, February 16th : Freestyle day with the Mini Sport Échange Outaouais, and the 10, 27 and 51 km races and the Snowshoes races of 2.5, 5 and 10 km.
So for:

Junior girls I suggest one of the 15km classic or the 10km skate and one of the shorter races if you are wanting to do two races. You can also take on one of the 27km races if you wish but only do one race if this is your choice. 
Junior B and A boys: one of the 27km races, since this is your first 27 km race I suggest only one race this week end so you have enough time to recover for Orford. 
Juveniles the 5km classic and 10km skate  or the 15km classic, do the 5 and 10 if you are wanting to do both races. 

 Week 41

Tuesday February 11th Juniors and Youth

Activity: Classic Nordic and Skate for biathlon 3x 6min uphill intervals Zone 4

Location: Camp Fortune

Time: 4:45- 6:15pm 

Tuesday February 11th Juveniles and Senior Boys and Girls

Activity: Classic for nordic and skate for Biathlon 3 x 4min uphill intervals 

Location: Chalet Des Erables 

Time: 6:30 - 8pm

Thursday February 13th Juniors and Youth 

Activity: Skate Sprint tactics and 6 x 1.5 min intervals 

Location: Chalet Des Erable

Time: 4:45-6:15pm 

Thursday February 13th Juniors and Youth 

Activity: Skate Sprint tactics and 6 x 1.5 min intervals 

Location: Chalet Des Erable

Time: 6:30pm - 8pm 

Friday February 14th All 

Activity: Chelsea Super Sprints You are all expected to race unless you have major conflicts with school or are over 18, if this is the case then I have volunteer jobs for you. See above for registration link. Registration closes wednesday at midnight. It is going to be super fun. A lot of people have worked very hard to make this happen so come out and support this event.

Location: Chelsea Elementary

Time: 1pm Bib pick up qualification rounds start at 3pm 

Saturday February 15th All  

Activity: Gatineau Loppet Classic Day 

Location: P2 Relais Plein Air

Time: Depends when you are racing

 Sunday February 16th All 

Activity: Gatineau Loppet Skate Day 

Location: P2 Relais Plein Air 

Time: Depends when you are racing