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Training December 7 to 13

posted Dec 7, 2015, 5:51 PM by Maurice Moe Samm
This is a volume week. As of tomorrow we will be living in the least slowest early winter since 1899 and the beginnings of weather records in Ottawa. I am not really that excited about living during this record but it is what it is. 

  1. Registration is now open for Craftsbury. They have 1km of snow there at the moment so the race will be a go. If you want to see the snow they have a web cam at Those going make sure that yo get signed up ASAP the Deadline is December 16th.  On 1km of snow so prepare your self for lots of loops on a short course. You will need to practice warm up running as well as you will not be able to ski on the course during the race. Here is the link to registration
  2.  It is now very tricky to predict the type of training that we will be doing from day to day as the weather changes so quickly and I live 35kms from the ski trails. So always come prepared to run during practice with your running shoes. If the parkways are frozen snowing or icy we can not roller ski for obvious reasons. so we will run and do other training. 
  3. Snow Loop has been cancelled. With the warm weather Camp Fortune has to focus on making snow for the hill as it is their primary business. They will not be able to make us snow this year. So if there is anyone interested in snow farming (Like La foret Montmorency or Canmore) and building a pile of snow and storing it over winter let me know because there is lot of talk in the community about how we make this happen. 
  4. Ski testing: Everyone should make sure that their classic skis have the grip zones properly marked. I prefer waynes testing method at Gatineau Nordiq sport but Fresh Air also does a good job. It is mandatory that you have your zone properly marked for your weight for the race season. There is nothing more frustrating for the wax team than to have a pair of skis in the wax room that are not marked as they do not know what to do with them. It is very frustrating for the athlete to have skis that are not properly marked as they have slow skis or skis that do not have enough kick. This happens every year no matter how many times I ask people to get this done.  
  5. Get your CCC/FIS race license more information below this needs to be done before the first race. If you put it off now then you will likely forget and it is a major pain to do this on the night of the first race.

Stone Grinding: After the architecture (flex partern) of the ski the base structure is the most important component to making a ski fast. How the base of the ski interacts with the snow helps us over some certain forces. Read the document in the filling cabinet on ski testing and grinding. Wayne also has some good info on his Gatineau Nordique Sport web site. 

So if you have older skies that are scratched up you will want to get them stone ground. If you bought new Rossignal skis you will want to get them stone ground as the factory grind is for wet European Snow and they will be slow in cold conditions that we have around ottawa. Those that bought other brands you can bring them to practice and I will look at them to see if they need to be ground. The answer is likely yes as most of the factory grinds are too aggressive for cold ottawa winters, Europe generally has warmer wetter snow. 

You need to purchase your CCC race license follow this link to purchase it online. Get this done early each year there are athletes that get caught at the first races without their license and have to scramble to get their licenses at the last minute. Those racing in the US this year and want to score points from these races will need to purchase their FIS License as well. 

For those going to Craftsbury and want to score points during those races you will need to purchase your FIS license. It is $45. Follow this ink to the aplication, it is a mail in application so you will need to get on this ASAP if you want it before Craftsbury. 
Points are how you re ranked in Canada and the World. So if you are wanting to make Quebec Team or Development Team, National Talent Squad or use these USA races for points to improve your ranking then you need your FIS license.

You will need this information to get your CCC license
Club Official Maurice Samm
Coach Maurice Samm
Coach # 1217212
Level Competition Development
Here is the list of people that have already got their license the rest still need to get this done. In order to register for Craftsbury those going will need their CCC license updated.











































Tuesday Dec 8th

Activity: Ski Specific Strength, Classic roller skis, Bring Running shoes in case it is frosty, icy or snowy.

Location: P6

Time: 6:30 to 8pm

Thursday Dec 10

Activity: Zone 1 Ski Skate ski, We will ski to the parliament buildings and enjoy the lights, we will save intervals for the week end. Bring Running shoes in case it is frosty, icy or snowy.

Location:Jacques Cartier Park

Time: 6:30- 8:00pm

Saturday Dec 12th 

Activity: Classic 4 x 30 sec juveniles 4 x 45sec zone 5 juniors 4 x 1min zone 5 open intervals 4 mins+ rest (2 sets) on the up hills while skiing the loop. While skiing the loop. 

Bring Running shoes in case it is frosty, icy or snowy.



Sunday Dec 13th

Activity: Long Distance skate 21km+ for Juveniles 26km+ for Juniors and 31km+ for Open. 

Bring Running shoes in case it is frosty, icy or snowy.

Location: P8

Time: 9am - 11:30am