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Training Dec 9 to 15th

posted Dec 10, 2019, 5:44 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Dec 10, 2019, 8:32 AM ]
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Train Dec 3rd to Dec 8th

posted Dec 2, 2019, 4:40 PM by Maurice Samm   [ updated Dec 2, 2019, 6:16 PM ]
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This time of year we never know if there is going to be snow, rain or ice so always bring running shoes with you. 

Important up Coming dates
Dec 13-15 Q-Cup #1 Nakkertok Candy Cane Cup - registration link  
Registration closes December 9th It is highly recommended that all athletes sign up for Saturday and Sundays races. These are going to be great races with great competition. 
Dec 19th Christmas Candy Cane Challenge this will be a club wide ski challenge night with will involve hot chocolate, candy canes and tons of fun. 

Dec 13 - 15th Candy Cane Cup 

Coaches: Moe and Sophie

Contact info: Moe: 819-593-4083 Sophie: 819-593-4072

Support: Various wax teams each day

Volunteering - if you are not helping with the race support for the team it is expected that all families volunteer to help the race organization. or by contacting 


Make sure that you have read the race notice -

Thursday 6:30 - 8pm training and ski drop off Check Zone4 for start lists

Friday Classic Sprint Open Sprints 9am and Junior Sprints at 2pm

Saturday Skate interval start - the older open Category will likely start the day Check zone4 for Start lists

Sunday Classic Interval start  - the oder open Category will likely start the day, Check zone 4 for start lists

Skis: Skis will either need to be dropped off in the wax trailer the night/day before your race your race. Skis need to be clean of grip and glide wax. 

Please do not bring your skis at the last moment as you will frustrate the wax team and your skis will not be given priority and the wax quality could suffer. 

Food: Athletes will be responsible for all of their food. Food planning will depend on each athletes as everyone is going to have different starting times. Once starting times are posted we will recommend a food planning schedule. It will be important to have pre - race snacks post race snacks and a post race meal planned. Do not wait until you get home to eat as you will be to hungry and this will impact your recovery for the following day. 

In the USA when we race different teams have a tail gate party for food for athletes and volunteers. This looks like a table with slow cookers, snacks, drinks. It creates a nice social way to end the race and be well fed after the race. It also helps the volunteers and coaches that are busy through the day supporting athletes. If there is someone that is interested in organizing this please let me kno.

What to bring:

1 Skate or Classic Warm up and Race skis depending on the day

2.  Clothing for warm up racing and post race. Make sure that you change your base layers to so that you are warm right away after your race. 

3. Food for pre and post race



Type of Wax prep

Number of Athletes

Thursday Dec 12

6:30 - 8:30 

Glide prep for classic sprints


Friday Dec 13th

6:30am - 9am

Grip prep for Classic Open Sprints


Friday Dec 13th

11am - 2pm 

grip prep for U16-U18 sprints


Saturday Dec 14th

6:30 - end of races 

Glide for Skate skis


Saturday Dec 14th

1pm - 4pm 

Glide Prep for Sunday Classic skis


Sunday Dec 15th

6:30am - 9am

Grip prep for Classic interval start race


Weekly Training 

Date: Tuesday Dec 10th
Time: 6:30 - 8pm
Location: Camp Fortune Lower Parking lot
Training: Technical down hill practice, we will be skiing on the snow at Camp Fortune Ski Hill
Equipment: skate rock skis do not bring good skis, water bottle, head lamp
Notes: please bring running shoes as the hill might be all ice after this rain and we will do running and core if the hill is too icy

Date: Thursday Dec 12th 
Time: 6:30 - 8pm
Location: Nakkertok
Training: Race prep Intensity Classic
Notes: You will need to bring your race skis for Friday to be left in the trailer. 

Date: Friday, Dec 13th
Time: 9am open classic sprints 2pm U16-U18 sprint qualifier only
Location: Nakkertok South

Date: Saturday, Dec 14th
Time: 9 - 2pm Skate interval start races check zone4 for start list
Location: Nakkertok South

Date: Saturday, Dec 15th
Time: 9 - 2pm Classic interval start races check zone4 for start list
Location: Nakkertok South