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Training Dec 5 to 11

posted Dec 4, 2016, 10:06 PM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Dec 9, 2016, 8:43 AM ]
Lots of information here 

Please read about Race licenses and Ski grinding. Action is Required. 

It is time to get you race licences for the season. 

Your SFQ race licenses have already been purchased but you will have to purchase your own Cross Country Canada (CCC) Race licence and FIS license. 

Everyone racing Quebec cups, Easterns and Nationals will need to purchase a CCC race licence. You do so by following this link and filling out the online form. 

My coaching certification number is 1217212 and my level is Competition Development you will need this for the application.  Do this now as there are always those that have not done this and it is stressful just before races. I have posted a list of those that have registered below. 

Most midgets already have purchased the CCC development licences but those that have not purchased it you will be last at the mass start at Easterns.

For those racing in Craftsbury, elsewhere in the States or in Europe you will need your FIS license. You can get this at the same link above. This is a mail in form so do it now so that you do not run out of time. If you do not get this license these races will not count towards your over all point ranking in Canada. Craftsbury is a very good point race. FIS points and CPL points are how athletes are ranked in Canada and how many of the provincial and national teams are created. Those that are not interested in the points will still need to purchase a NENSA licences which will cost you $10/race. You can do this when you register. Here is the registration form 

Please note that registration for Craftsbury closes on the 14th at 5pm

CCC licenses already purchased. 

Ski Grinding and Testing

Tuesday Isaac and I will be collecting skis to be taken for Stone Grinding and camber testing. We will do a one time pick up for skis and bring them back to practice when they are done.

It is important that ALL classic skis be marked with the wax zones.  If you do not have this done then your wax team will be guessing your marks which means your skis will not work for racing.  If you decide not to have your classic skis ground, you will need to have the wax zones marked well before your first race.  We will be testing the marks on snow before racing. Every year that Waynes marks are really close but there is usually a small adjustment. 

It is important that each athlete learns to test their skis on snow and learn how to grip wax the skis. Having the correct marks allows you and your wax team to know the length and depth of your wax pocket which is really important. 

Before you can expect the coaches to be able to do this, the athlete, possibly with help, needs to know how to wax their own skis.

Snow grinding is an important step for having fast skis. The surface structure is very important for how the ski glides on the snow. Many of the skis that we purchase in Canada come with a warm factory grind as they are made and ground for Europe (This includes Rossi). Most of the ski conditions that we ski in need a fine grind that allows are skis to work best in cold snow (below -5). If the grind is too aggressive and it collects dirt and is slow in cold sharp snow crystals slowing down the ski. Aggressive grinds are made for warm wet snow and are used to shed excessive water from the base of the ski. When conditions are warm we add structure back into the ski with hand tools to speed up the ski. 

Grinding also refreshes the base removing old scratches and flattens the ski which makes it much easier for your wax techs to work.

We are very lucky to have Wayne in our community as he gives us a very fair price for this work The cost for this is $60 for the grind, hotbox and hardening of the base per pair of skis. I used to pay $100 a pair 20 years ago for this work. If you are only wanting skis tested then there is a $10 charge. 

For the purposes of testing and grinding the skis need to be CLEAN.   ( bases,  tops and sidewalls ) There is an extra $10 charge if the skis are not clean. 

Please no ski ties. You will not get them back.

Tie the skis together with elastics or masking tape ( NOT duct tape)

On a piece of masking tape on one ski, print  your name ( athlete ).  

On classic skis, write your body weight.

Pay with cash ( no cheques ) 

Last winter, the day before the Tour de Ski,  Wayne ground 15 pairs of skate skis for CCC with the CJO grind, the same grind that we be used on your skate skis. The biggest advantage  of Stone Grinding is that the skis will be faster.   This includes new skis.

If you are unsure as to whether your skis need stone grinding, show your skis to Moe.

The skis will be ready in one week before we go to crafsbury.   ( stone ground,  heatbox and base hardened )

If you have any more questions you can ask Moe,  Isaac (819-827-6515) , Wayne ( 819 483 1623 ) or have alook at Wayne’s website (

Tuesday, Dec 6th

Activity: Classic ski 4 x 3mins 3 mins rest

Technique: Classic

Location: p6

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Notes: Bring skate and classic skis and a wax table/form and iron, glide wax, grip wax and a tarp for under your wax bench. Bring skis for grinding and testing.

Thursday, Dec. 8th

Activity: agilty techique and distance

Technique: Classic skiing

Location: P10

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Notes: This will be updated Thursday morning, depends on snow maybe roller skiing or running

Saturday, Dec. 10th

Activity: Distance Ski

Technique: Skate

Location: P6

Time: 10 - 12noon 


Sunday, Dec. 11th

Activity: 5km time trail.

Technique: Skate

Location: Nakkertok south

Time: 9-12noon