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Training Dec 31 to Jan 10

posted Dec 31, 2015, 4:17 AM by Maurice Moe Samm   [ updated Jan 8, 2016, 9:10 PM ]
Winter is finally here!!!!!
The ski conditions are amazing make sure that you get out to ski as 
much as possible over the next few days. It is totally amazing the 
transformation, I am very happy about this!!!!

1. St Bruno: I have unofficial confirmation that the race is a go. Registration closes Jan 5th at Midnight, do not wait until then to register, it is very costly to register late. 
There is a skate sprint on Saturday and Classic middle distance, individual start race on Sunday. More travel details will come soon. Our departure from Chelsea will be at 8:30am from the visitors centre in Chelsea.
Here is a link to the race notice which has all of the details of the race.

2. World Junior Trials, most of us leave on the 11th. Registeration closes on Jan 10th at midnight. It is very expensive to register late so get this done early. We are staying at LakeHead University. We will be waxing and sharing rides with XC ottawa. Please allow for 2kgs of room in your bag for wax and wax equipment. This will save us from having to take too much extra baggage, saving us money. Remember that each bag now costs $25 each way. Here is the link to the detailed race notice

3. Ski testing and Grinding. Those that have not got their skis tested and or ground for this season. You need to do this. For Classic you need to have your skis marked with the pocket profile. This means that there will be a 2,4,6,10 make along the side of the ski and residual camber, if any will be marked on the side of the ski). If you do not have this done then your wax team is guessing and if they are wrong your skis will not be good. Nilan will be doing a ski pick up this week end and so please bring your skis to Saturday's practice if you have not had them marked.

Saturday Jan 2nd

Activity: Skate Skate 4 x 3mins equal rest, the goal of this interval set is to be explosive for the total 3mins working each section of the course finding speed and efficiency everywhere.

Please bring your race skis as we will be able to test your grip pockets and you need to ski on them before you race on them.

Location:P10 we will do our intervals on trails 1b


Sunday Jan 3rd

Activity: Zone 3 The goal of this work out is do focus on transitions (Double pole into striding caring your speed on the up hills and double pole into low tuck working your speed on the down hills) during a race but in zone 3 to reduce fatigue.

20mins Juveniles 

25mins Junior B/G

30 mins open

Please bring you race skis you need to ski on them before the races next week end.

Location: P12 we will ski to Trail 24 where we will do our zone 3

Time: 9am - 11:30am

Tuesday Jan 5th

Activity: Classic arms only legs only strength work (4x3mins arms only up penguin hill) 4 x 3mins legs only up penguin hill (Zone 2/3). The goal is to focus on good body aliment, quality pre load and getting solid grip from you classic skis. Rememberto bring wax with you. You should always have a couple of waxes(Warmer and colder than the snow conditions) and cork with you so that you can adjust your wax if your grip is not good enough. If your wax is not good it is hard from you to have a quality work out.

Location: P5

Time: 6:30 to 8pm

Thursday Jan 7th

Activity: Skate 10x30sec zone4 equal rest. The goal of this work out is to be fast and punchy. Short speed work, that is not very fatiguing but leaves you feeling fast and ready to rock!!!

We will be doing half of practice as a ski work out and the other half as a work party. Please bring clippers, hand saws and shovels. we will be working on the land to get it ready for jack rabbits on Saturday. Parents if you are able to stay and help that would be much appreciated

Location: Meredith Centre Please Park in the soccer parking lot not the parking lot near the Centre

Time: 6:30- 8:00pm

Friday Jan 8th 

Activity: St Bruno Race Departure

Location: NCC visitors centre

Time: 8am

Saturday Jan 9th 

Activity: St Bruno Race



Sunday Jan 10th

Activity: St Bruno Race or Skate, 20 min zone 4 for Juveniles, 25min for Junior B/G and 30mins for Open athletes.

Location: P7

Time: 9-11am