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Training August 26 to September 1st

posted Aug 26, 2019, 5:07 AM by Maurice Moe Samm
This week end is a long week end so it is self training. 

Time Trial 
Great work everyone in the time trial. Here are the results and the results from last year. 
Make sur that you are taking to the time to reflect about what you want to continue doing and what you want to training so that you get better for the next race. Our next race is September 21st. 

During our first week of training we will be doing testing with Anneke Windgarden helping her with her research project. see below for a note from her. 

Thanks again for agreeing to participate in my research project, I'm stoked that you guys/girls are interested in seeing how fatigue affects your performance! 

We are getting close to the testing dates and I wanted to send everyone an update (I will send a final update a couple days before the testing) so that you know what to expect! There's a lot of information here, so please read carefully to the bottom and let me know if you have any questions.

Testing Dates (Please confirm if you are doing morning or evening ASAP):
- Sept 3rd @ 8:30 AM OR 6:30 PM - Terry Fox Track (in Ottawa) - Meet just outside track
- Sept 4th @ 8:30 AM OR 6:30 PM  - Terry Fox Track (in Ottawa) - Meet just outside track
-  Sept 5th @ 8:30 AM OR 6:30 PM - Terry Fox Track (in Ottawa) - Meet just outside track

What you need to do to be prepared (Pre-Testing Instructions):
Bring your HR monitor watch & strap (and know how to use it!), also bring the charging adapter so I can upload the data to my computer immediately after testing. 
Treat the 3km tests like a race day. Optimize race nutrition, prioritize getting a good sleep & manage fatigue appropriately to perform YOUR BEST for the TT. Following these guidelines are essential to ensure quality results. This could mean taking the afternoon off work to rest, roll, prepare, think about the split times you need to hit your goal, stay hydrated, etc. Ideally this also means that you aren't spending a long day in the sun or being extremely active and showing up tired to the testing. 
Take August Sept 2nd as a rest day. This is mandatory as a part of the protocol. Failure to take this rest day will compromise your results. "Rest Day" means no structured workouts; light physical activity (ie, a short cycle commute, walking around with friends, an easy swim) is okay. 
No other structured workouts on Sept 3rd, 4th, 5th. This is mandatory as a part of the protocol. Participating in additional workouts will compromise your results. If you have another sport that you practice (ie, soccer, paddling, etc), please speak with your coach to let them know you will not be attending practice/games on these days. Please treat these workouts as races and avoid strenuous or exhausting activities outside of the testing workouts. 
- I will send out more specific workout plans and details closer to the date. 

Training Plans

Training plans have been updated. Follow the following links to your training plan. 
For those that have their own training plans cut and paste the August training plan into your plan. 

Meso 5
Week TypeRecovery
DateAM/PMTraget ZoneWorkout DescriptionHoursComments
Monday August 26
Tuesday August 27
PMZone 1 of choice1.5
Wednesday August 28
PMStrengthGym Meso 5 1.5Heritage
Thursday August 29
PMZone 1/StrengthFLOW SessionRoost- Near biathlon range at Camp Fortune
Friday August 30
PMStrength Meso5Yoga/recovery1Self training
Saturday August 31
AMWake up intensityZone 3 : 3-4 x 4 mins with 1:30 rest2Self-training, style of choice
Sunday September 1
AMRecovery1Self training
Week TotalYTP = 77