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Xc Nationals Week

posted Mar 11, 2019, 1:34 PM by Eric Schryer   [ updated Mar 16, 2019, 12:40 PM ]
Hi Team,

X-C Nationals week is here! 
*There are no regular NORDIC practices during the week.*
Wednesday's Biathlon practice is cancelled! This is due to there not being power at the range. I will post a dry fire schedule.

XC Nationals:
Biathletes racing X-C Nationals: Please follow suit with the emails, WhatsApp reminders, etc.You are a part of this nordic nationals team whether you are racing 1 race or all races.

Skis at X-C Nationals guidelines: 
  • You are to select 1 pair of race skis for the race. (The skis must be handed into the wax trailer the day before).
  • Your full name & race category must be written on masking tape on each ski. *we do not do this for you, if this isn't done your skis will not be waxed*
  • Classic: test skis 45min before.
  • Skate: pick up 20min before.
Remember: The number 1 thing you can do as an athlete to insure quality training and race sessions
is proper Nutrition and SLEEP!! 

The theme of the month is No Regrets!
You have put in the work, the focus, and the drive. Now it's time to leave 
everything out there and race with no regrets. Be grateful for the journey you 
have had thus far and excited for the fun to come!

For everyone racing Nordic Nationals: Please see the WhatsApp group and the race schedule for where you should be during the week.

Wednesday Mar 13th *Dry Fire at home*
  • Hold P & S 2X5min each.
  • 1 shot set ups 10P / 10S.
  • Practice bolting & squeezing trigger *sitting down, not aiming at any target (this is to isolate this skill.)
Sunday Mar 17th (Biathlon)
Time: 2-4pm
Location: Range
Activity: Short Sprint TT