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Jan 12 Visitor Centre *Hike*

posted Jan 9, 2019, 7:00 PM by Jeffrey Furry   [ updated Jan 11, 2019, 10:38 AM ]
The temperatures tomorrow are pretty cold, especially for skiing. We 
have checked for some indoor locations and have struck out there as 
well, so here is what we are thinking, as we don't want to cancel our 

We will meet at the Visitor Centre in full outdoor gear, warm boots, 
snow pants, warm hats, gloves and buffs, and we will go play in the 
woods. Go explore, find tracks and just have fun playing outside. When 
we are done, cold or just ready for some hot chocolate, we will head 
inside the visitor centre. There we will explore the exhibits, compare 
the tracks we found to those on display and celebrate 2 birthdays (Grace 
& Isaac) with some goodies and hot chocolate.

We have the snacks taken care of, if you could help out with hot 
chocolate, please let me know. We do have a couple of minor lactose 
allergies, so if at least one person could accommodate for that, that 
would be amazing. I will bring reusable cups.

See you tomorrow!! Dress warm.