Click on the corresponding Ski Program to view its portal page.  On the portal page are the training details (the source web page is an RSS feed), any associated documentation and a calendar.  The calendar is used to note key events.  The calendar is merged with the Club Calendar.

For those families with children in multiple Ski Programs, see Inter-Program for portals which merge two or more Programs.

For quick access, bookmark your athlete's portal page:

... But anyone who is not a Chelsea Noridiq'er can see these Web Pages

That's right, we do not lock these training web pages.  They're open for the world to see.  It's our belief sharing ideas is a very good thing.  Furthermore, if some family can't join our club for any reason, they can get a general idea on how to self-train.  After all, we want to promote healthy habits for all children (and adults :).