This is the collection of available e-mail lists populated using the information entered during registration.  http://

To combat spam-bots, only the mailing list name is provided - not the domain.

E-mail Address Updates

Contact the Registrar if you'd like to update the e-mail address used during registration or add/delete additional e-mail addresses.

To expedite your request, include the following information:

  • Set Subject to  e-mail address update
  • In the Message specify the existing e-mail message you'd like to update or delete.


Address the mailing lists using the bcc feature of your mail client.  This avoids people mistakenly replying to the entire mailing list with a Me Too response.

Below is an example:

Note, some e-mail clients need to be configured to prompt for the bcc field.

Mailing Lists

To construct an e-mail address, append the string to the list name below. 

For an example, if there was a list named ski4free, its email address would be

Adventure Programs

  • ae - Adventure Explorers
  • ar - Adventure Rabbits
  • ma - Masters of Adventure (Adult Adventure)
    • ma-spring - Masters of Adventure, spring session
  • mini-advent - Mini Adventure
  • na - Nordic Adventure

    Adult Program

    • adult - All members of the Adult Nordic program
    • See Adventure Programs too


    • biath-bears - Biathlon Bears (not Racing Bears)
    • biath-elite - Biathlon Elite racers
    • racing-bears - Racing Bears and any registered adults (air)
      • racing-bears-summer - summer session
    • racers-22 - Biathlon Racers and registered adults (.22)
      • racers-22-summer - summer session
    • all-biath - Everyone in Biathlon


    • jr - Everyone in Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits
      • jr-sat- Saturday session
      • jr-sun - Sunday session

    Mountain Biking

    • mountain-biking

    Nordic Race

    • all-nordic - All Nordic Race
    • nordic-summer - Nordic Race, summer session

    Track Attack

    • atoms - Track Attack Atoms
    • midgets - Track Attack Midgets
    • peewees - Track Attack Peewees


    • sportetude - Sport-Études