All email protocols are secured in order to safely send and receive Chelsea Nordiq email in public Wi-Fi locations.

Which Should I use IMAP or POP3?

It's strongly recommended to always use IMAP.  IMAP keeps the email on the email server so if you have more than one email clients (e.g. your desktop and a Smartdevice), they can stay synchronized.

POP3 is also available and not recommended as once the email is typically fetched, it's removed from the email server.


It's recommended that Chelsea Nordiq email not be forwarded to your personal or business email.  This way responses will have an domain name.

See the Setup Examples  below on how to configure gmail or Outlook to send and receive Chelsea Nordiq email.  Any email client can be configured.  Whether it's a Smart Device or a regular client.

Credentials and Mail Settings

Email Login or User Name

The email login/user name is your email name + ".cn" 

For example, if your email address is, your login/user name is


It is imperative to use encryption otherwise if in a cafe, your credentials can easily be snooped.
Try SSL and if it does not work, try STARTTLS.

Server Information

 Action  Protocol  Host  SSL
Receiving e-mail
 993  143
Receiving e-mail
 POP3  995  110
Sending e-mail  SMTP  465  587


Set up Examples

Below are examples setting up an email client using the it Chelsea Nordiq email address.


You can use your Gmail account to send and receive Chelsea Nordiq email.  First log in to your Gmail account and on the main page, click the gear icon and select Settings:

Select the Accounts tab and click on Add a POP3 mail account you own:

Enter your Chelsea Nordiq email address and click Next Step:

Enter your Username along with the other information below.  Your Username does not have at the end.

For example, if your email address is, your Username is

Continue with the set up so you can use your account to send as well:

Enter your name and check Treat as an alias:

Use the Chelsea Nordiq email server to send your email:

A confirmation email message is sent to your primary gmail account.  Open a new browser (or tab) to retrieve the verification code.  Or click the link in the verification email.

After verification (or closing the window), in the Accounts, check button below.

Outlook 2007

Below is a detailed example on how to set up Outlook 2007.

Tools > Account Settings...

Select New ...

Select the Account Type as either IMAP (recommended) or POP3.  Notice the user name ends with .

For example, if your email address is, your user name is

After entering all the information, click on More Settings ...

Enter the following information in the General tab. 

Note:  If you've selected IMAP, you will see an additional tab, its default settings are sufficient.

Confirm in the Folders tab the following setting:

Enter the following information in the Outgoing Server tab:

If using POP3, enter the following information:

If using IMAP, enter the following information:

In the previous window, click OK to return to the parent window (see below).  Click Test Account Settings ...

If an error occurs, confirm for the Logon User Name you entered the .cn user.  For example, registrar at's user name is

Click Close to return to the parent window:

Click Next:

Success!  Click Finish:

Note the new account.  Click Close to close the Account Settings window and return to the main Outlook window.  You're done.